The Elite Advantage

The magic of Elite Three Hemp Seed
for unmatched benefits

Here at Elite Three, we believe in using only the very best natural ingredients in all our products. That’s why we work hard to source the finest raw materials. All our products are thoroughly tested not in a lab, but in our barns. The team of high performance athletes using Elite Three products speaks to its unmatched benefits.

Fresh seed, fresh pressed

Our hemp seed is fresh pressed to order. Hemp Seed oil, proteins and E5 are all milled for freshness and quality from a superior seed source.

The best oil on offer

Elite Three Hemp Seed Oil is unfiltered and complete. We don't sift or settle anything out. So you get an industry-leading level of Gamma Linolenic Acid at 4.52%.

Specifically for horses and dogs

We source hemp seed with specific characteristics that we want, aiming for maximum palatability, absorption and effectiveness in every product.

Professionally tested

For minimum of 6 months, across multiple disciplines and environments, so you know your horse or dog is getting the safest, most effective products are on offer.

Other Benefits

Packaged for maximum quality & shelf life. Health Canada and Veterinary Health approved. Guaranteed analysis for every product. 

Real Results

Real Results - Back to Spunky

Real Results – 3 months

Real Results – 3.5 months

Real Results - Ulcer Free


Why Hemp Seed Oil

• Stamina & Heart Rate - lowered heart rates at rest and immediately following exercise

• Good healthy fats contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system. Peak performance

• Reduces recovery timeReduces lactic acid build up in muscles

• Supplemented fat can be used as an alternative sustainable energy source, saving stored glycogen

• Horses are very efficient in utilizing and digesting fat as a source for fuel

• Cool Energy - Fat is referred to as a cool energy source. Fat produces less body heat when metabolized and is a great source of energy for working horses, especially those that live in warmer climates

• Use of hemp seed products has shown increased calmness and focus due to its unique natural properties as well as contributing to overall health

• Since fats are digested more slowly blood sugar levels are maintained, reducing the amount and frequency of stress hormones

What Sets Hemp Seed Oil Apart From Other Oils

• Ideal balance of Omega 3,6 & 9

• GLA – Gamma Linolenic Acid - not commonly found in other oils

• The most easily digestible of any plant based protein

• Antioxidants and Vitamins content preserved by being cold pressed and not exposed to high heat for processing losing nutritional value

• You are not exposing your horses to glucosinolates that can be found in other oils
(Glucosinolates as undesirable substances in animal feed. The EFSA Journal (2008) 590, 2-76.)

Why Hemp Seed Protein

• Hemp Protein is made from hemp seed meal, which is the by-product of pressing hemp seed oil.

• Provides the benefits of Hemp Seed Oil without the added fat or calories

• Protein Fiber has natural calming factors that help to increases focus and mental calmness.

• The main function of dietary protein is to supply amino acids for the growth and maintenance of body tissue. Protein is made up of amino acids. There are 20 amino acids of which 8 are considered essential. Essential amino acids (EAAs) are those, which the body cannot make and therefore must be supplied by diet. Hemp protein, from the hemp nut, has all 20 of them and the EAAs amounts are in substantially higher amounts than its closest competitor.

• Even more significant is that hemp protein is made up of globulin edistin and albumin, both considered to be among the most easily digestible of all proteins. Edestin protein is found only in hemp seed. Edestin aids in digestion and is relatively phosphorus free. Edestin protein is considered the backbone of the cell’s DNA.

• Hemp protein also contains relatively high levels of the branched-chain amino acids, which are important in the repair and growth of lean body mass.

• Hemp Protein because it is a fibrous material that helps with overall digestion and aids in absorption of nutrient from other feed sources.

• For Building Muscle

• Benefits of oil without the added calories

Omega 3-6-9 and GLA

• Because omega-6 and omega-3 work hand-in-hand within the horse’s body, equine nutritionists place more emphasis on maintaining the proper balance or ratio between the two rather than focusing on the total quantity of either one. Hemp seed oil provides an ideal balance of 3-6-9.

• Omega 6 – Naturally occurring fatty acids that help bolster the immune system. Beneficial for infection and sickness. Specifically, omega-6 fatty acids are used by the body to make pro-inflammatory mediators for the immune system.

• Omega 3 – Shown to reduce inflammation. They balance immune function, protect joints and ligaments, diminish inflammation, support gastrointestinal function, reduce skin allergies, and decrease nervousness among many other benefits.

• The ideal ratio has been deemed as 3:1 (3 Omega 6 to 1 Omega 3) It is important to remember that inflammation is an important process the body uses to fight infection and mediate tissue repair, therefore a balance between pro-and anti-inflammatory mediators is the goal. Omega-6 fatty acids do not cause inflammation, rather they provide the substrate needed to mount an inflammatory response if and when it is needed making them a very important part of the diet. Because grains are a rich source of omega-6, our modern method of feeding horses has likely skewed their omega profile quite significantly.

• Omega-9 Shown to benefit the heart, brain and overall well-being.

Hemp Seed Oil Contains GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid)

• GLA is a regulator of the prostaglandins, the hormone-like substances that act as chemical messengers inside the cell. Their physiological effects include regulation of inflammation.

• The prostaglandins are also involved in the increased secretion of protective mucus in the GI tract, which makes hemp oil’s GLA an important ingredient for horses with ulcer issues.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Elite Three Products

• Cold Pressed – Oil has not been exposed to high temperatures giving it a very long shelf life.

• 18months + when stored below 20 celsius

If My Horse Is On Green Grass Do They Still Need Omegas

• For a horse fed lower-quality forage, it might be beneficial to invest in a fat supplement. However, if the horse is eating good-quality pasture or a cool-season grass hay that is harvested at early to mid-maturity, he may already have a low ratio of omega-6s to omega-3s, and spending the money on an expensive supplement might not be worth it. In instances like this hemp oil or protein can be considered for that “little bit extra” a horse might need.

Do I Need To Feed Supplements As Well As Oil

• Yes it is recommended to feed a vitamin and mineral supplement.

• However investing large amounts of money in other supplements does no good if the horse is not digesting them properly. Because hemp oil and fiber aid in digestion, the vitamins and minerals are being utilized more efficiently and therefore require less to be fed.

Foundered & Lamantic Horses

• A foundered horse does not need excess fat and therefore would be a great candidate for the fiber

• A lamanitic horse would benefit from the anti inflammatory properties of either the oil, fiber or a combination of both

Can Elite Three Products be used during pregnancy/lactation

• Yes, our products are safe to use during pregnancy/lactation.

What is the particulate found at the bottom of Elite Three Hemp Seed Oil

• The particulate found at the bottom of Elite Three Hemp Seed Oil is a particulate left behind during the cold pressing of the oil. It is made up of hemp seed skin, and contains additional nutrients and minerals.

Are Elite Three products meant to replace grains/starch-based feeds

•  Our products are meant to be fed alongside a grain, or as a top-dress to a grain/pellet.

What is the difference between Elite HP Plus, and Elite Three Hemp Oil

•  Elite HP Plus has a higher concentration of GLA (gamma linolenic acid), making it a stronger aid in anti-inflammation. Elite HP plus is a blend of hemp oil, and borage oil

Which Elite Three Products should I feed to ease anxiety in my “hot” horse

 •  We would recommend Elite Three Hemp Seed Oil, E5 Evolve, and Super Cool.

Which Elite Three Products should I feed my “easy keeper”

• We would recommend Elite Three Hemp Seed Oil, and E5 Evolve.

Which Elite Three Products should I feed to my horse that needs a boost in energy/muscle

• We would recommend Elite Three Hemp Seed Oil, E5 Evolve, and Body Builder.

Which Elite Three Products are best for anti-inflammation

• We would recommend Elite HP Plus, and E5 Evolve.