Elite High Performance team

Cole was born and raised on a farm in Kamloops, BC. It was here where he first got involved in rodeo, with his main focus being roping, and he hasn’t put the rope down since!



Some of his recent accomplishments include:

  • BC Rodeo Association Champion Heeler
  • Pro-West Rodeo Association Finals Qualifier
  • CPRA Tour Finals Contestant
  • Canadian Finals Qualifier
  • North Queensland Elite Rodeo Champion Heeler
  • -SRTRA Open Champion Heeler

Recently Cole, his wife, Bailie, and their two daughters, Maysa and Payton, moved to Blackie, AB. 

They moved to Alberta from Northern BC to be closer to the Canadian Rodeo scene. 

To me, simplicity is best; it is what fuels my program. We live on 160 acres of native grass, which is where my horses spend most of their time. I feel a happy horse is a healthy horse and I have been reluctant jump into a specific feeding program as I don’t take switching my program lightly and want to be sure it is something I truly believe in and want to promote before I make any commitments. I started Elite 3 Hemp four weeks ago and love it. My horses immediately enjoyed the product and have since looked amazing since starting it. Something I struggle with while on the road is maintaining a good top line. Having a product like the Elite 3 Hemp help to combat this really excites me.

I started off my career as a proud single mother trying to provide good horses for my girls to ride. I could not afford to buy expensive horses so I started to build them. Both of my daughters went on to be successful in the Amateur Rodeo Associations and recently the Professional Rodeo Associations. Some credentials include:

  • Colby – CCA Junior Barrel Racing Finalist, Season Leader, Finals Champion & Horse of the Year. CPRA Barrel Racing Rookie of the Year and CFR Finalist
  • Hallie – CCA Junior Barrel Racing Finalist, Finals Champion, Season Leader & Horse of the Year

All of the above credentials were achieved with a total of 6 homemade horses.

This year I will have two futurity horses which I plan to campaign as well as one 4 year old that will be travelling with me as well in hopes of grooming him to be shown at the Barrel Futurities of America (BFA) in December of 2018.

Carman Pozzobon

2017 CFR Champion
Aldergrove , BC, Canada

"I love hemp oil and hemp fiber for my whole herd from young ones to maintain a healthy body to develop to their full potential, to my finished rodeo horses to keep the weight on and have cool energy to stay focused and maintain a healthy digestive system for all the miles we put on. Elite 3 fits perfectly in my horses diet for no sugar, recovery and to keep the heart rate down. Thank you Elite 3"

  • 2003 Canadian Barrel Futurities High Point Champion
  • 2010 canadian futurity high point reserve champion
  • 2013 BCBRA 1D Champion
  • 2014 Superstakes Derby Champion
  • 2015 BCBRA 1D Champion
  • 2015 CBHI Futurity High Point Champion
  • 2015 Canadian Futurity and Derby Highpoint Reserve Champion
  • 2015 Super Stakes Futurity Reserve Champion
  • 2016 South Country Derby Champion
  • 2016 Speed Horse Derby Champion
  • 2016 Light em Up Slot Race 1D Champion
  • 2016 Derby Superstakes Champion
  • 2016 Futurity Superstakes Reserve Champion
  • 2016 Ponoka Stampede short go qualifier.
  • 2016 CFR Qualifier
  • 2017 Cowgirl Creations Finals Open Champion
  • 2017 Elma NPRA Champion
  • 2017 Speed horse shoot out 1D Champion


3 Star & Advanced Eventer
Carstairs, AB, Canada

24 year old Leah Breakey, a competitive eventer for over a decade, has spent the last four years travelling North America developing her professional career in the horse industry. Based out of Cremona, Alberta, Leah runs Master Key Eventing, a horse training, breeding and teaching business. Through the help of great owners, and a family breeding program, Leah has developed a strong team of horses to continue to be competitive at the national and international level. An accomplished 3 star rider with top placings on the western North America circuit including Rebecca Farms (Kalispell, MT), Galway Downs (Temecula, CA), Alhambra Stables (Red Deer, AB) and South Peace (Grande Prairie, AB). In future Leah aims to continue her competitive success while developing a reputable equestrian business.


Hunter, Jumper & Dressage
Calgary, AB Canada

Madison Monkman is currently based out of Springbank, Calgary, AB developing young horses and teaching students with a focus in the hunter, jumper, and dressage rings. Along with running a small lesson program for horse-savvy individuals, Madison is partnered with Prairie Sky Equine Assisted Therapy and manages their horses.

With a definitive love and need for horses, Madison has a professional range of experience with disciplines, breeds, and personalities. She fosters a relationship with the horses and students that calmly and positively encourages correctness, intelligence, confidence, and willingness, with a large dose of fun!


Professional Reining Horse Trainer
Swift Current, SK, Canada

"I've been using the elite three products since spring of this year and have found that it has put weight on my horses faster than any other product. Also just started my horses on the E5 and have found my horses are much quieter, relaxed, and easy to show. "
  • 2012 Big Sky Reining level 1 open futurity champion San Peppy Spook
  • 2012 level 4 open futurity champion central Canada slide n spin and SRHA Stakes and futurity champion Ultra Nic
  • 2014 Canadian Supreme level 1 open futurity champion and level 4 reserve champion Hangten Holly
  • 2015 Canadian Supreme level 1 open futurity champion Chic Out My Gun
  • 2016 reining Alberta summer classic level 1 open derby champion Chic Out my Gun
  • 2017 central Canada slide n spin open futurity champion Spook Ojay.

NRCHA Cowhorse Trainer & Team Roper
High River, AB, Canada

Jesse has been riding horses since he could walk and training horses for over 20 years. His passion for breaking horses and striving to make the best using horse he could led him down the path towards the Working Cow Horse industry. Jesse fell in love with the sport and had such a respect for the amount of work that goes into training a cow horse and how amazing these horses were when they has completed the full program. After showing and having a successful career in cow horse he started to realize that there was a need for such great horses in other disciplines which led him back to the rodeo path he has started out on. Jesse has truly enjoyed taking cow horses and giving them another avenue to compete in and really loves the sport of team roping. Jesse has roped in both the pro and amateur circuits and continues to rodeo now along with his daughter Falyn.
  • 2010 - Canadian Supreme Open Snaffle Bit Futurity Champion
  • 2011 - Canadian Supreme Open Derby Champion
  • 2012 - Canadian Snaffle Bit Open Derby Champion
  • 2011 - Canadian Supreme Open Bridle Champion
  • 2011 - Montana Reined Cow Horse Open Bridle Champion
  • 2014 - Cowtown Derby Open Bridle Champion
  • 2016 - Northlands Rope horse Futurity Heading Champion
  • 2016 - 3rd place Manitoba Rope Horse Futurity

Professional Cutting Horse Trainer
Melville, SK Canada

"This is by far the best product that we have introduced into our feed program. The need for joint injections and ulcer medications has been significantly reduced. Happier, Healthier Horses."

  • 4 x Canadian Cutting Horse Assoc Champion
  • 2 x Alberta Cutting Horse Assoc Champion
  • Canadian Supreme Open Derby Champion - Reserve Futurity Champion
  • 15 x Calgary Stampede Wrangler Futurity & Aged Event Finalist
  • BCCHA Maturity Champion
  • 2 x Black Elk Cutting Classic Champion
2017 Canadian Challenge Champ 320 Miles
Grande Prairie, AB, Canada

Here at Elevation Dogs we are always striving to provide the very best for our Champion Sled Dogs. Our incredible canine athletes log an incredible 2000 miles of conditioning miles leading up to Canadian Challenge 320 mile marathon. Recovery time is crucial for a long distance sled dog, we are proud to work with Elite Three so that our athletes can benefit from the these miraculous hemp products. During our 2017 Canadian Challenge victory our dogs covered the 320 miles trail in under 50 hours. I was impressed to see the team recover after their rest stops and maintain overall speed as many teams in the competition slowed down. This season we were also particularly impressed with our 10 year old semi retired lead dog Linus. He has been limited to 5 mile runs due to soreness in his hind end. Ever since adding the hemp oil and fiber into the diet, Linus began to loosen up and was enjoying 20 mile training runs with no pain or stiffness. We are firm believers in these hemp products offered by Elite Three and we are very excited about the possibilities in the future as we work towards the ultimate sled dog competition - The 2018 Iditarod covering 1000 miles across Alaska.


NRCHA Cowhorse Trainer
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

 "We first tried hemp oil on one of our show horses that was having trouble focusing and settling into his job, within a couple of weeks of him starting on the oil we noticed a huge difference, he wasn’t stressing so much and his focus had improved a lot, not to mention how great his overall look and coat had improved. We have now put all of the show horses and two year olds on the oil. Using the hemp products has also simplified our feeding ration, as there are many benefits it means we don’t have to use as many different products to get the results we need."
  • 2016 Canadian Supreme Open Futurity Champion
  • 2016 ARCHA Year End Open Bridle Cutting Reserve Champion
  • 2016 ARCHA Year End Limited Open Bridle Champion
  • 2016 ARCHA Year End Open Snaffle Bit/Hackamore Champion
  • 2016 ARCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Level 1 Reserve Futurity Champion
  • 2016 ARCHA Cowtown Derby Limited Open Champion
  • 2016 ARCHA Cowtown Derby Level 1 Open Champion
  • 2015 NRCHA Regional Champion- Open Hackamore
  • 2015 ARCHA Year End Open Snaffle Bit/ Hackamore Reserve Champion
  • 2015 Canadian Supreme Open Snaffle Bit/ Hackamore Champion
  • 2015 ARCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Level 1 Open Derby Champion
  • 2015 ARCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Level 1 Open Derby Reserve Champion
  • 2015 Calgary Stampede Limited Open Hackamore Reserve Champion
  • 2014 Canadian Supreme Limited Open Futurity Champion
  • 2014 Montana Reined Cow horse Futurity Limited Open Reserve Champion
  • 2014 Idaho Reined Cow horse Futurity Level 1 Derby Reserve Champion
  • 2013 Canadian Supreme Limited Open Futurity Reserve Champion
  • 2013 Montana Reined Cow horse Futurity Level 1 Champion



Canadian & International Endurance Rider
Grand Prairie, AB, Canada

"My 7 year old purebred Arab is looking and feeling better than he ever has. His stamina is simply amazing, and I have never been stopped for heart rate once while using Hemp oil."
  • 2002 Spain World Equestrian Games Contestant
  • 2006 Germany World Equestrian Games Contestant
  • 2005 Dubai World Endurance Championships
  • Canadian Nationals 50 Mile Bronze Medalist
  • North American Championship Contestant
  • Karen has been an endurance rider for many years and after an 11 year hiatus is back and feeling better than ever

Photo Credit: Brock Kryton Photography

Professional Chuckwagon Driver
Grande Prairie, AB, Canada

 "Although it is early in the race season, feeding the hemp protein fibre and hemp oil has helped the horses through shedding season and already have shiny coats and they look great! The boys are just getting into their conditioning program and we are looking forward to being part of the Elite Three Team for the 2017 WPCA race season."
  • 1993: Orville Strandquist Award (Calgary Stampede Top Rookie Driver)
  • 1994: Ponoka Stampede Champion Outrider
  • 1996: Moses Lake Round-Up, Ben Franklin County Fair, WPCA Most Improved Driver
  • 1997: Ponoka Stampede Champion Driver
  • 1998: Mullen Transportation Safe Drive Award
  • 2000: Strathmore Heritage Days Champion, WPCA Showmanship Award
  • 2012: Calgary Stampede Equine Outfit of Excellence - "RIVER" - Champion Left Leader
  • 2013: Battle of the Rockies, WPCA Equine Outfit of Excellence - "PRINCE" - Champion Outriding Horse
  • 2014: WPCA Equine Outfit of Excellence - "PRINCE" - Champion Outriding Horse
  • 2015: Calgary Stampede Equine Outfit of Excellence - "BUTCH" - Champion Left Wheeler

CPRA & WSTR Team Roper
Kamloops, AB, Canada

"Hemp oil keeps my horses calm so they can stay relaxed and perform at the highest level. It keeps everything looking sharp and is very easy to feed to the whole herd."
  • Canadian Professional Rodeo Associatio
  • World Series of Team Roping
  • Pro West Rodeo Association - Washington

Parkland County, Alberta, Canada
Upper Level Dressage Rider

In addition to being an FEI level Dressage competitor with a keen interest in developing young dressage horses for the International FEI ring, Casey is also a trainer, coach and mentor to many riders across Western Canada. Her clients compete in both Dressage and Three Day Eventing, from the lowest levels through FEI Dressage and CCI** Eventing with many Championships along the way. Currently training out of Royle Farm in Stony Plain, Alberta, Casey also is the Dressage coach at Killerney Farms, and travels to her clients arenas throughout the Greater Edmonton area.

"As an equestrian, the health and well being of my equine athletes is my primary concern. I have used several feed supplements in the past, and Elite Three has outperformed them all. Within 7 days, my ulcer prone mare had reduced symptoms, and all of the horses were much more focused and ready to work without losing the hotness and sensitivity needed in high performance athletes. I am seeing continued improvements in all aspects of their training and manageability and I have no doubt that I owe that to Elite Three. I highly recommend Elite Three to anyone looking to improve their horses performance."

Upper Level Event Rider
Rocky Mountain Horse, Alberta, Canada

"With in a few short weeks of starting my horses on the hemp oil and hemp protein fiber line. I noticed incredible improvements. I noticed Major health improvements with my hard keeper thoroughbreds. Their weight improved, their coats were silky and shinny. My sensitive tummy horses, with in a few days felt happier. I want what's best for my team mates, as they are also Family.. Elite 3 hemp oil/ protein fiber line provides this for me and my team!"

Upper Level FEI Competitor
Ponoka, Alberta, Canada

“I was a skeptic…… not the traditional way of starting a testimonial BUT I have seen results in our horses and my reservations have resolved. I frequently show at FEI sanctioned events, it was very important to me that the Elite Three hemp products wouldn't drug test at international and national level competitions. I have been reassured by the Elite Three team that the product will not drug test at any level of sports. 

Our horses have been more focused and relaxed in their work since being on Elite 3 products! The hot, quick, tense horses have showed improvement in their freedom of gaits. The reactive horses are more focused both in daily training sessions as well as out in public. Their coats and body condition have bloomed! We have been able to optimize the horses supplement programs; taking them off many additional supplements.”

Professional Barrel Racer
Vermillion, Alberta, Canada

 "Hemp products are a very important part of my feed program. Our four legged superstars come into contact with hundreds of other horses while at rodeos or futurities so it is very important for my horses immune system to be very strong and functioning properly, the perfect blend of Omegas in Elite Three Hemp Oil and Fibre do just that. Not only does it keep them healthy but it keeps their joints in top shape which means I can get the full potential out of my horses"
  • Manitoba Rodeo Cowboys Assoc Finals and Year End Champion
  • Manitoba Rodeo Cowboys Assoc Cowgirl Of The Year
  • Canadian Cowboys Assoc Finals and Year End Champion
  • Canadian Cowboys Assoc Cowgirl Of The Year
  • Calgary Stampede 12 Round Champion
  • Calgary Stampede Final 4 Qualifier
  • Canadian Pro Rodeo Prairie Circuit Champion
  • Canadian Pro Rodeo BC Circuit Champion
  • 2 x Canadian Finals Qualifier
  • Canadian Finals Rodeo Average Champion
  • Multiple Futurity (Canada and U.S) Champion
  • Multiple Derby Champion
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
"We ask our horses to do extraordinary things and we must
supply them with the necessary nutrition to do so. If my horses are not feeling their best they do not perform their best. With the addition of Hemp Oil and Fibre to my horse’s diets 
I have been able to take them off multiple other supplements. They have come out of a harsh winter looking and
feeling their best. I would highly recommend Elite Three products to anyone who
wants to complete feed program."
Kelly Stasiuk has a passion for horses which started at a
young age. Working her way up the ranks in the Hunter and Jumper show ring,
Kelly made the switch to Eventing with an emphasis on Classical Dressage and
Classical Horsemanship. She spends her fall and winters in University at Mount
Royal University completing a Bachelor of Science, major in Geology, and her
summers as a working student for Two Jack Farm.

Kelly has been able to attend clinics with world-renowned
clinicians such as George Morris, Tom Dvorak, and Sharon Merkel-Beattie. She
has also spent numerous years furthering her education by grooming in dressage,
eventing, and show jumping stables. Her passion for education and excellence is
being passed on to the next generation of riders through her coaching at
multiple pony clubs. 

Currently Kelly has a lovely string of horses with goals of
competing in FEI Level 1 star Eventing and Third Level Dressage in the next few
years. She has plans to achieve her A Level in Pony Club and continues to train
and pass on her knowledge to the younger generations.

Para-Dressage Rider
Dawson Creek, Alberta, Canada
"Before putting my Trakehner, Manny, on hemp oil, he was extremely high spirited and anxious. With me being in a wheelchair, it was very difficult to work with him. He would run, buck, and kick when I would free lunge him. He didn’t always respond to “whoa” or “walk”, would get very distracted, run towards me and lose focus. On the way back to his paddock, as soon as the arena door would open, he would want to get out of there. He would rear up and buck and was hard to settle down.  Manny, after hemp oil, is a completely different horse! He is the most calm I have ever seen him. With even a week off his hemp, he reverts back to the same high anxiety horse that he was before. With hemp oil, there’s no more rearing and no running. He’s just a happy,settled, calm and focused on doing the work."


Shanna Doyle is a 21 year old showjumper who has been riding in the Hunter/Jumper show ring for the past 13 years. She has learned the ropes on many horses throughout the years, aNd in 2012 She bought her very own Jumper mount FedX, as a 5 year old. She has since developed him through the levels and is now competing in the 1.20m-1.30m classes at venues like Spruce Meadows and Rocky Mountain Showjumping. Shanna has a passion for horses and her sport and always tries to find what is best to keep her horse in top form. Shanna has aspirations to continue to develop her horse and compete in larger 1.30m classes in the near future.
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