Tacie Tuck

Tacie is a 9 year old Grade 4 student from Rocky Mountain House, AB. Tacie's accomplishments the last couple years have been outstanding thanks to the amazing athletes Tacie is riding and huge success due to the feed program which is Elite Three. Tacie's events are barrel racing, pole bending and goat tying. 


When Elite Three was first introduced to us, it was because we had been in a conversation over some issues that we had been battling within our equine athletes for quite a long period of time. Jill who is 19 this year is an amazing pole bending mare and just seemed to be not herself and just wasn't as gritty as she used to be. We understood that she was getting some age on her, but she just seemed to have a pot belly it didn't matter what feed or exercise program she was on she seemed to be getting very hormonal as well.  Jill was put on the Elite Three Hemp Oil, it didn't even take 2 weeks and that mare was back on top of her game unbeatable in the pole bending and happy. Jill now comes nickering to the gate to be caught and literally is looking for her bucket. There isn't a kernel of anything left in her bucket with the Elite Three hemp oil and Super Cool. Jill's joints are completely clear and she isn't stiff one bit thanks to Elite Three!! There isn't many equine athletes at Jill's age hitting the winner's circle race after race. 


Hemi came to our farm very unsound. The beautiful little buckskin mare gave us her heart and did everything asked of her when we had went to look at her. Hemi had sustained a major injury(extreme wire cut hock) in which we didn't know much about prior to going to see her. When we walked up to her, the scars were fierce.  I'm so thankful we didn't know or we probably wouldn't have went and seen her. After Tacie had tried the mare and she worked to what potential she could, we knew what Hemi could be capable of with the right care and maintenance. Hemi was purchased by Tacie and was headed for Alberta. Hemi couldn't get home to our farm soon enough as we knew what results we had already seen the Elite Three had proven for Jill.... we had our hopes set real high that the Elite Three was going to do dreams for Hemi. After Hemi had been on Elite Three oil and muscle builder for 3 weeks..... Hemi was already a brand new horse. Hemi literally came to us as a skeleton and lame as heck....... that's no exaggeration. Where did this new little buckskin mare come from we thought!!!! This mare is the extreme proof of Elite Three. Can you believe that 3 months of Elite Three and little Hemi and Tacie went out and won a rodeo against some extremely tough competition in the barrel racing!!! Thanks Elite Three!!!  Hemi can't thank you enough!!! 


Lacey another barrel horse that has been hitting the winner circle quite often with Tacie this winter always seemed to have gut issues and puffy legs. At the gate she would get extremely hot. After a month of being on Elite Three oil and Super Cool, she now walks up to the gate and takes off for the first barrel when asked. Lacey now has patience going up to the gate with little anticipation. Lacey's energy is saved for her race now thanks to Super Cool!!! Lacey's belly feels much better thanks to the Elite Three Hemp Oil!! 


There is many horses young to geriatrics on our farm and they all are benefitting from the Elite Three products. 


  • 2016 Small Spurs Winter Series Top 3 Barrel Racing
  • 2016 Small Spurs Winter Series Top 3 Pole Bending 
  • 2016 Carstairs Jr Rodeo All Around 
  • 2016 Barrel Bash Youth Champion
  • 2016 Caroline Rodeo Barrel Racing Champion
  • 2016 Foothills Cowboys Association Finals Qualifier 
  • 2017 Millarville Rodeo Champion
  • 2017 Alix Junior Rodeo All Around Champion
  • 2017 Small Spurs Winter Series Goat Tying Top 3
  • 2017 Small Spurs Winter Series Pole Bending Top 3
  • 2017 High River Youth Rodeo Barrel Racing Champion
  • 2017 Biggar Bucks, Biggar SK Barrel Racing PeeWee Champion 
  • 2017 High River Youth Rodeo Goat Tying Champion
  • 2017 Alix Gymkhana Reserve High Point 
  • 2017 Cochrane Junior Rodeo Barrel Racing Champion
  • 2017 Cochrane Junior Rodeo Pole Bending Champion 
  • 2017 Sharon Ferguson Memorial Barrel Race 2d 
  • 2017 Foothills Cowboys Association Finals Qualifier 
  • 2017 Hinton Oil Country Barrel Challenge short go qualifier