Madelin Pozzobon

“My name is Madelin Pozzobon, I am 17 years old and was born and raised in Savona, British Columbia. I’ve been riding horses for as long as I can remember, and barrel racing has always been my favourite event. My family is plum full of accomplished rodeo athletes. My brother, Cole Pozzobon and my sister, Carman Pozzobon have both been great teachers and inspiration for me growing up and learning “the ropes” of rodeo. This 2021 season will be a big step in my rodeo career as I am stepping my foot into the Canadian professional rodeo scene. I am excited for the opportunity to have Tina Berge and Elite Three hemp in my corner!” 



2021 provincial champion barrel racer and heeler


2021 kings arena spring fling derby champion


2020 mega ten reserve champion jr barrel racer 


2019 BCRA finals qualifier and round 3 champion


2019 whispering pines champion


2019 BCRA JR horse of the year


2019 Princeton BCRA reserve champion breakaway roper


2019 Pritchard BCRA reserve champion barrel racer


2018 Chilliwack BCRA champion jr breakaway roper


Numerous 1D and jackpot wins/earnings