Flying Stride Trick Riders

Meet, Sawyer Lacey, and, Kensie Herben.
Sawyer is an 8 year-old from, Teepee Creek, AB.
In addition to being one half of The Flying Stride Trick Rider team, Sawyer also Barrel Races, Pole Bends, Goat Ties, Team Ropes and Breakaway Ropes.
In the 2018 season she will compete in the CTRA, with high hopes of becoming the Canadian PeeWee Champion Rider.
She will also be competing in The Peace Country Barrel Racing Association, The Teepee Creek Rodeo Association, and The ABRA. 
Kensie is a 13 year-old from, High Prairie, AB.
Kensie also Barrel Races, Pole Bends, and Goat Ties.
Her goals for the coming season include, qualifying for High School Rodeo Nationals, and to get her pro card in Trick Riding.