Rafter V Ranch- Ranch Dog Inc.

We have had working ranch dogs for the majority of our lives but over the last few years we have focused primarily on breeding, raising and training top quality border collie cow dogs. We have put together what we feel is a program with some of the best genetics in North America and focus on producing working cow dogs with style, presence and power. Our canine partners are an integral tool on our ranch where we custom graze yearlings and ride for the community grazing co-op.

In 2016 we started our company Ranch Dog Inc. focusing on providing resources such as custom training, lessons, clinics and training tools to fellow handlers of all levels. We travel extensively throughout Canada and the USA competing in cattle dog trials year round.

Some of the Ranch Dog Team’s accomplishments include:

JR Vaquero - 2019 NCA Canadian Regional Champion

JR Vaquero - 2018 NWSS Denver Finalist

JR Vaquero - 2017/2018 CCDA Year End High Point Dog of the Year

JR Vaquero - 2018 SSDA Open Cow Dog Champion

JR Vaquero - 2017 SSDA Open Cow Dog Champion

JR Vaquero - 2016/17 CCDA Year End Reserve High Point Dog of The Year

JR Vaquero - 2017 MSSA Open Finals Fastest Run Award

Bert 2017 Canadian Cow Dog Futurity 3rd Place Finish

Our passion to see our dogs thrive and compete at the highest level has led us on a path to provide them the best care and nutrition possible. We recently integrated Elite Three E5 Evolve, Elite Three High Performance Oil and Elite Three Body Builder into our feeding program. We are seeing amazing results in the trial arena and daily ranch life with increased stamina and focus. Shiny, healthy coats seemed to appear almost overnight and we believe these products will add to the longevity of the dogs. Keeping our dogs happy and healthy at home and on the road is of utmost importance and we believe Elite Three is key in helping us achieve that.