Christina Traverse

Christina is the owner and musher of Mush McMurray. She was born and raised in Fort McMurray, Alberta where she currently resides with her canine athletes. 

Mush McMurray has been competing in mid-long distance sled dog races internationally since 2012, and Christina has been training sled dogs since 2007. This sport is her passion and she concedes her dogs family. Christina believes that the dogs needs always come first, no matter how competitive things get.

“In November of 2017 we decided to try Elite Three products and we saw the most amazing results. Increased endurance, work ethic, overall health while at the same time reducing recovery time. The Body Builder along with the Hemp Seed Oil are the best products we have found to help keep our dogs in peak muscle condition. Their coats are shiny and beautiful and it even helps keeps weight on dogs that are hard keepers!”