Aaron Peck - Elevation Sled Dogs

"Here at Elevation Dogs we are always striving to provide the very best for our Champion Sled Dogs. Our incredible canine athletes log an incredible 2000 miles of conditioning miles leading up to Canadian Challenge 320 mile marathon.
Recovery time is crucial for a long distance sled dog, we are proud to work with Elite Three so that our athletes can benefit from the these miraculous hemp products. During our 2017 Canadian Challenge victory our dogs covered the 320 miles trail in under 50 hours. I was impressed to see the team recover after their rest stops and maintain overall speed as many teams in the competition slowed down. This season we were also particularly impressed with our 10 year old semi retired lead dog Linus. He has been limited to 5 mile runs due to soreness in his hind end. Ever since adding the hemp oil and fiber into the diet, Linus began to loosen up and was enjoying 20 mile training runs with no pain or stiffness. We are firm believers in these hemp products offered by Elite Three and we are very excited about the possibilities in the future as we work towards the ultimate sled dog competition - The 2018 Iditarod covering 1000 miles across Alaska. "