Ward Cutler

Ward grew up on a PMU ranch in SE Saskatchewan. Ward and family reside in Virden, MB where they have spent the last 20+ years working on his career as a Professional Livestock Auctioneer. In doing so, he put one of his true life passions of team roping on hold while concentrating on his auction career. Wanting to stay involved in the rodeo scene while doing so, he started announcing a few rodeos. That opened a whole new set of doors in his life. After several years being very satisfied with his auction and announcing careers, he established a whole new set of goals and returned to his passion of team roping. Putting together a great set of horses was key to making a successful return to the roping pen. Those goals have now widened even a little further. You will find he has a microphone in hand a little less, and will find him chasing the World Series Team Roping circuit.
“Our feeding program for the last 9 months has been the Evolve 5, Super Cool and the oil. We are completely satisfied with the results of these great products! From removing the non essential sugars from their diet, to the focus and calmness and of course their overall body score and condition.”
-2005 Canadian Livestock Auctioneer Champion
-2006 Top 5 World Finalist
-2x Manitoba/Saskatchewan Livestock Auctioneer Champion
-2011 Canadian Wester Agribition Champion
Rodeo Announcing:
-2013 Canadian Cowboys Assoc Finals
-9x Manitoba Rodeo Cowboys Assoc Finals
-2x North Dakota Rodeo Assoc Finals
-Rough Rider Rodeo Assoc Finals
-2012 Canadian High School Rodeo Finals
Team Roping:
-340 Team Roping Champion Heeler
-Casey Brown Memorial High Point Champion
-MTRA Fall Classic #10 Champion Heeler
-Rocky Bar Arena Winter Series Champion Heeler
-Livewire Team Roping #12 Champion Heeler
-MTRA Year End Champion Heeler