Marie Ochran

"Once I started using hemp oil and fiber I have notice immense changes in my horses. Rodeo means long hours in the trailer and unpredictable working conditions. It is very important to be feeding the best to my horses. From my youngest to my oldest senior horse, which is 22 and still competing, their body conditioning is outstanding. They have healthy, shiny coats and work awesome in the arena. Also they are more calm and focused when doing there jobs. My horses are happy, health, and calm."
  • Provincial Finalist 3 years in a row
  • District 3 pole bending season leader 2015-16
  • District 3 Rookie of the year 2014
  • High Priaire High School Rodeo Goat tying champion 2015
  • Harmon Valley High School Rodeo pole bending champion 2016
  • High Prairie High School Rodeo pole bending champion 2016
  • Thorsby Haymaker High School Rodeo pole bending champion 2015
  • Northern Redneck Riders pole bending Champion 2016