Erin Jardine

Driven to find something different to do with her time with horses, Erin found horse archery after watching Wonder Woman and thinking to herself, “I could do that!” Although a niche sport in North America, horse archery has a far greater presence in Europe. In May 2018 Erin travelled to Poland to receive first hand training from some of the best athletes in the sport.


Through her social media, Erin has spread the word about horse archery and has helped many others take their first steps in the sport.

Erin found Elite Three when she was looking for products to help with her horse’s digestion, after an extensive amount of research, the products proved themselves to be worth their weight, as they helped her lease horse regulate her eating habits while her owners could ensure she was getting enough of the good fats and proteins to maintain her health.

When not shooting arrows off a horse, Erin also practices falconry, and plans to incorporate hunting from falcons with horseback riding, another European tradition even more rare than horse archery! With a background in dressage and horse training, Erin plans to introduce these passions to her first horse, a two year old cheval Canadian filly. Erin is a vigorous advocate for rejecting the beaten path and being creative with your horse, to bring the art back into the art of horsemanship.