Andrea Udal

To me, simplicity is best

It is what fuels my program. We live on 160 acres of native grass, which is where my horses spend most of their time. I feel a happy horse is a healthy horse and I have been reluctant jump into a specific feeding program as I don’t take switching my program lightly and want to be sure it is something I truly believe in and want to promote before I make any commitments. I started Elite 3 Hemp four weeks ago and love it. My horses immediately enjoyed the product and have since looked amazing since starting it. Something I struggle with while on the road is maintaining a good top line. Having a product like the Elite 3 Hemp help to combat this really excites me. 

I started off my career as a proud single mother trying to provide good horses for my girls to ride. I could not afford to buy expensive horses so I started to build them. Both of my daughters went on to be successful in the Amateur Rodeo Associations and recently the Professional Rodeo Associations. Some credentials include:

  • Colby – CCA Junior Barrel Racing Finalist, Season Leader, Finals Champion & Horse of the Year. CPRA Barrel Racing Rookie of the Year and CFR Finalist
  • Hallie – CCA Junior Barrel Racing Finalist, Finals Champion, Season Leader & Horse of the Year

All of the above credentials were achieved with a total of 6 homemade horses.

This year I will have two futurity horses which I plan to campaign as well as one 4 year old that will be travelling with me as well in hopes of grooming him to be shown at the Barrel Futurities of America (BFA) in December of 2018.