Countdown to Iditarod

The Last Great Race!
Follow Elite Team member Aaron Peck and his team as they race 1,000 MILES 

This photo is 3 months difference on Elite Three Hemp Oil and Elite Three Protein. Thanks for the photo Stephanie Golder, we are so happy with these results....


"Prior to putting my OTTB, High Syn on Hemp Oil, he was dealing with ulcers that I was struggling to keep from coming back after medication; ulcers which seem to have been caused by him holding onto anxiety....

“Was I a skeptic, yes. 
I had issues all summer with finding the right feeding program, keeping my mares healthy & looking their best.. finally I got to Elite Three.. never changing back....


Leah Breakey

24 year old Leah Breakey, a competitive eventer for over a decade, has spent the last four years travelling North America developing her professional career in the horse industry ...


Andrea Udal

My horses immediately enjoyed the product and have since looked amazing since starting it. Something I struggle with while on the road is maintaining a good top line. Having a product like the Elite 3 Hemp help to combat this really excites me. ...


Jeff Schwitzer

"This is by far the best product that we have introduced into our feed program. The need for joint injections and ulcer medications has been significantly reduced. Happier, Healthier Horses." ...

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